Covid-19 Response

 Ruby came with her son who studies at our STLC centre. She can't walk properly as one of her feet is smaller than the other. She shared that at her house nothing was there to eat. Despite of her unfavourable health conditions, she came forward to collect her ration. Her helpless situation brought tears in our eyes, that people are scared of hunger more than the fear of the virus. They really desire a strong support system. She was delighted after receiving dry ration and covid kit. She thanks us and whole team of Supreme Task a lot.



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 Vicky, our STLC student is a young lad of 11 years whose father is extremely sick at the moment. His father is a tailor, but right now he can't work and they have no one whose providing for the family at this moment of time. Vicky had to come all alone to carry the ration. The burden was not just physical, but emotional too and it was so evident on his face. Even though willing, he struggled to carry the load of groceries. Our staff helped him to take the ration to his house.