Covid-19 Weekly update

Is India ready to meet a third wave?

Sadly no. Wave Three is projected to rear its head in October. Government incompetence, especially the tortoise pace of bureaucratic decision-making, has much to answer for the Covid-19 mess.

Below are the some factors that effecting country :

1.Third wave is coming. More dangerous than 2nd and small children have more danger.
2. Lack of medical infrastructure.
3. Slow vaccination rate.
4. Lack of oxygen.
5. Lack of icu beds.
6. Lack of awareness.
7. GDP is going down.
8. Unemployment is rising.
9. Increasing death ratio.
And many more......

Lack of awareness -

The government is playing coy on data. Policy formulation is impossible without it. Official numbers regarding infection and mortality are undercounted, due to low testing and image paranoia of the government.

There is no data on the age-group or risk profile of Covid patients in ICU or on ventilators. The number of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic patients is a secret. No findings on Covid deaths by age in different regions exist.

Slow vaccination rate:

Vaccinations in India dipped even as two-thirds of all districts reported a 20 percent climb in infection. Scientists and public health experts believe that herd immunity is impossible because the virus is changing too quickly. New variants are spreading fast. There is a need to do mass vaccination as early as possible.

 Lack of oxygen:

There are lessons to be learned in slow political will and red tape marring the dismal way India’s second wave is being handled, thereby causing unimaginable agony to the population. To meet the third wave, the government will have to hugely ramp up the availability of oxygen. Despite receiving emergency medical aid from the US, UK and Europe and Oxygen Express deliveries, the country has reached nowhere near oxygen sufficiency levels. There is no centralised coordination of oxygen supply and distribution.

In this bewildering scenario, unless India's rural healthcare and oxygen capacity and storage are ramped up massively, Wave Three will be more devastating to life, livelihoods and the economy.


Household incomes have fell sharply as a result of job losses and subsequently led to a critical demand crisis. While some jobs have been restored, India’s employment level is far from what it used to be before the pandemic in 2020.
If the resurgence of cases is not contained soon, the damage to the recovering economy could be catastrophic, according to several business owners who are now seeking strict Covid-19 protocols instead of complete lockdowns.