Support to combat pandemic Covid-19

Support to combat pandemic Covid-19

Supreme Task India has been working wholeheartedly for the welfare of people in these harsh times
of pandemics. COVID 19 has caused immense damage to the people, especially daily wage labourers
as they are deprived of money, essentials and safety. The situation demands immediate steps to be
taken for the deceleration of the spread of corona virus. Supreme Task is on the ground in rural and
urban areas working alongside Government to combat the pandemic.

We are providing aid to needy people by distributing masks, soaps and hand sanitisers. In
partnership with Government Health department, our Hospital is screening patients. Our medical
staffs are working round the clock at this critical situation. An isolation centre is setup in the

The lockdown has already created a huge tension in the country, especially in communities where
people are suffering as they are falling short of resources. Supreme Task India has come up with a
cash and voucher programme which provides financial support to our families in communities. They
can use the cash/vouchers to purchase essential items such as healthy supplements for children,
pregnant women, food supplies, medicines, toiletries, etc. It’s going to help the locals to recover
from the monetary losses their families are facing.

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  • Hygiene Kit (three-layered face mask, hand sanitiser, soap)
  • Cash/Voucher (for one family for one month)
  • Dry ration for family (wheat flour, oil, sugar, lentils,tea powder, salt, chilli powder,turmeric powder, coriander powder)