Development Training

STDT program is a platform for the youth, it prepares the youth for effective leadership. Further, this program also plays a vital role in improving the education and career prospects of the participants. The training is designed to developthe physical, moral, social and economical skills of youth to be the change agent in their respective communities.

Supreme Task has a proven history of providing trainings to thousands of youth in the age group of 15 to 35 years. We emphasize on expanding and strengthening the skills while building the leadership abilities for a new generation of transformational leaders.An intensive training of 30 days is conducted in each District with the local project partners. Trained Teachers from the pool in each State go to the training center to teach fromcurriculum with 16 Modules. We coversubjects such as Social and moral issues, HIV &AIDS, TB, Hygiene & Sanitation, Human Rights, Finance and Leadership etc. Students are provided with books, notebooks, pens, food and accommodation.