Supreme Task International School

As per the annual statistics of Education Report, 260 million (76%) kids are school drop-outs. 52% students cannot read and write. Supreme Task International School is one the projects of Supreme Task,which focuses on divulging education to children from low-income communes.

The Supreme Task International School was started in March 2017 with a simple idea ~ To deliver high quality education to every child, no matter his or her context.

The Students enrolled with STIS come from low-income communities located in different parts of Delhi, India. Majority of them are first generation learners whose parents have never had the opportunities to access quality education. Rampant social evils such as alcoholism, drug abuse and severe gender discrimination narrow the path of education. It is hence not only education but we also focus on holistic development to bring emotional stability. We try to create conducive learning atmosphere within which students can excel and grow. Our motive is to ensure that each student is not just prepared for exams but also on the development of his / her character. We focus both on character and career building.

Parents Involvement

Getting the parents of our students involved goes towards creating a support system and effective learning atmosphere. It helps our students prioritize learning with the help of their parents. Parents are encouraged to participate in activities of their wards as well as in the school.

Team of Leaders and Teachers

Our team of dedicated school leaders and trained teachers enable us to work to achieve the goal. Under their wise and able leadership and practices, our students continue to thrive and out-perform every year.

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