National Health Mission (NHM)

National Health Mission (NHM), ASHA HBNC program in partnership with the Govt. of Odisa

State Training agency for ASHA HBNC Program with National Health Mission, Govt. of Odisha

In partnership with National Health Mission-Odisha, Supreme Task is also working as the State Training Agency for the ASHA HBNC Program in Odisha. In this project we address the issues related to Home Based New Born Care and mother health care amongst the vulnerable poor of the south west zone of Odisha. We aim to provide a platform to train ASHAs to help them bring a steadfast noticeable decrease in infant mortality rate, child mortality rate and maternal mortality ratio in the region. 

The hospital is involved in training, equipping and hand holding implementation of the Home Based New Born Care in six districts of Western Odisha. These districts are among high-risk districts in India and have records in State level as well as National level statistics. The project aims at reducing and controlling NMR, MMR, IMR, etc. in these districts.

Being a State Training Agency our objective is to ensure that the quality in training is maintained as per the standards, to facilitate and ensure effective hand holding support at the field level for effective implementation of the program leading to the achievement of desired outcomes.