Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation

Supreme Task has been actively involved in Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation during the natural disasters in India -providing food, water and other emergency relief materials, temporary shelters, build and repair houses, etc.

We also provide emergency medical aid to the victims of natural as well as manmade calamities. At the same time, we pave the way for reconstruction efforts and help to restore people’s livelihoods withsustainability goals. Our focusis on strengthening local capacities.

1. Jammu & Kashmir earthquake (2005)

  • Food materials were supplied for 1000 people
  • 1500 hundred men and women received the blankets
  • Hundreds received medicines through our medical facilities
  • 300 families received waterproof tents.

2. Gajapati and Kandhamal (2008)

  • Over 2000 people received food materials
  • 500 people received the household things
  • 1000 people received the blankets
  • 30 new houses were built for the widows and orphans.

3. One room set concrete house was constructed for 30 families in Odisha.

4. In light of widespread poverty, we took the initiative to partner with Habitat for Humanity to provide a shelter for the poor people in Odisha.

5. Bihar Flood 2009

  • 1250 families were supported with temporary shelter.
  • They were provided Medicines, food and blankets as well.

6. Oct, 2013 Odisha Phailin and Flood

  • Baleswar and Ganjam Districts were heavily affected.
  • Families received food material, medicines and large sized Tarpaulin for temporary shelter.
  • Over 10,000 people benefited from the relief activities

7. Jammu & Kashmir Flood in 2014

  • Over 200 families received ration for 30 days
  • Ration contains Flour, Rice, Sugar, Cooking oil and lentils.
  • They were provided drinking water, blankets, infant blankets, tin and thermo cool sheets to create temporary homes.
  • Teen shades were provided to over 500 families.
  • We adopted around 9 villages in installing water pipes, water storage drums for safe drinking water. We also provided electricity poles and wires for bringing electricity to the disconnected villages on the hills.

8. 2015, Nepal Earthquake

  • Medicines and one truckload of food were provided.

9. COVID-19 Relief Distribution

  • Distributed ration in far-flung regions of Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Odisha
  • The ration kits consisted of rice, dal, sugar, suji, oil, phenyl, soap, whole grains, etc.
  • In 2020, we started relief distributions in the month of April and continued it every month for the rest of the year.
  • In total we did 16 drives and reached around 25000 beneficiaries and families
  • In 2021 we conducted a total of 5 relief drives and relieved 14400 beneficiaries
  • In 2022, we fed 45910 individuals