Smash Hunger

Nutrition Program For Malnourished Children

Out of every4 children in India, onedoes not have access to nutritional food on a daily basis. 200 million children suffer the effects of malnutrition and are underweight that halts their growth. 3.5 million children younger than 5 years die from malnutrition every year.The impact of malnutrition during a child’s first 1000 days is irreversible.

The biggest reason for hunger is poverty. Children donot have enough to eat, at the same time,they don’t have access to clean water, medical care or education. Children’s growth can be permanently stunted by lack of food and nutrition. They face not just hunger and diseases but even some die. It's not their fault, but it's their reality. We have seen the face of hunger in Delhi’ Slums, and other places around the Country.

The project SmashHungerenvisionsan India free of hunger and malnutrition. To achieve this we have organized free food distribution centres know as SmashHungercentrein slums and villages. We are providing meals to around 7000children daily at 50 Centers in 7 States of India. Children come and eat togetherirrespective of their caste, creed and religion which furtherbringsunitychildren of different religions, communities and castes closer.

Supreme Task India also provides nutritious food for pregnant and lactating mothers to improve their nutritional status during pregnancy, childbirth and lactating period.

You can create a world, where no child goes to bed hungry. (Donate Now)


  • Provide nutritious food to all enrolled children from slum & villages
  • Inculcate good eating&hygiene habits.
  • Engage them in mind activities and games.
  • Weight and height measurement on a monthly basis.
  • Motivate and encourage children to read and write.
  • Provide basic general knowledge to all kids after meal.
  • Engage them in curriculum activities like signing songs, dance, skit etc.

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