Children Home

Children Home is one of the projects of Supreme Task under Child Development program. It is located in the District Balangir of Odisha. Initially, this Children Home was functioned by Mission Compound, Diocese of Sambalpur. Since 2016, Supreme Task India has taken the responsibility of these orphans, semi-orphans and even street children who are homeless or not well attended by their families. These children are generally from poor families who are incapable to provide their own basic needs. We are also supporting those children who are living under physical & mental torture and sometimes sexually abused.

We are functioning Children home with an aim to provide quality education, healthcare, protection from harm and abuse and life-saving aid during emergencies to children. Supreme Task India believes that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and that’s why we are fiercely committed to ensuring that children not only survive but also thrive.

To ensure that we achieving the above-mentioned goals, we have recruited a number of staff such as the project manager, social workers, home-care staffs, cook, helpers, driver and security guards. Apart from that, we do have community developers and volunteer teachers who do visit, stay and teach the children. Our Staff is trained to deal with Children, Home responsibilities and to interact with visitor’s and children’s relatives.

Children’s health is always the top priority for Supreme Task and we randomly organized the hygiene programs for children. We maintain high-level cleanliness in the entire children home building. Regular health check-ups for children and their height and weight measurement is always on track by teachers & wardens.

We are proud to be the leading expert on children development, delivering lasting results for thousands of vulnerable girls and boys. By saving these children, we transform their lives and future.


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