Literacy Program

In Slums of Delhi, children are the prime victims of child labor, child abuse, drug addiction and alcohol. They are far away from good education, deprived of nutritious food, live under hazardous environment and closely connected with violence.  Realizing the need, Supreme Task under its education program works to give the most marginalized children in slums what they rightfully deserve – a healthy and happy childhood.

In all our education-related initiatives, our focus lies on providing quality education to children. We bring children closer to education, mapping out-of-school children and aiding their movement to formal schooling. We are now recognized and respected as the voice of the most marginalized children of Delhi slums. This is because we have been relentless in our pursuit to give children a childhood to cherish and a future to look forward to.  In Delhi, the Centre is continuing its service for last 7 years. There are 2000­ students who have enrolled themselves in this program. Out of these 500 were dropouts and all of them have been enrolled back in school. About 700 are continuing the further education. Not mere academically but holistically these children are growing through our service. Besides the high impact of our education initiative, it is also very heartening to see many child champions emerging from our project areas.


  • Bringing awareness to the community about value of education
  • Providing the primary education for the poor and slum dweller
  • Assist to continue the further education
  • Assist dropped out children for re-enrollment
  • Supply educational materials such as; school bags, shoes, uniforms, stationary etc.
  • Management of the malnutrition by providing the nutritious food and regular medical check up
  • Motivate the parents to send their children for schools to acquire education.
  • Conducting Parents Teachers Meeting.
  • Counseling for Broken families & de- addiction program for fathers