• Internship of MBBS student & Sponsorship (financial support) to post-graduate students

  • Eye Camps :

    STGH organizes eye camps from time to time to motivated people to come for regular eye checkups. Here they are taught how to care for their eyes and health. In this manner the hospital creates health awareness among people in villages. Patients attended these camps for their eye treatment and operations. Generally a team of doctor, nurse and administrator help in the eye camp and pursue to bring in improvements in the operation theatre in regard to associate equipments and instruments. Specialized eye camps are also organized with close collaboration with District Blindness Control Society especially for cataract operations.

  • General Health Camps : These camps are set up with the help of youth leaders of the Hospital Uddhar Committee which was formed with the local people’s initiatives during the non functional days of the hospital. These camps include a team of doctors, nurses, lab. technician and pharmacist and other associates. Adult patients are mainly treated in these camps for Osteoarthritis (joint pain), backache, acid peptic diseases, diabetics, hypertensive’s and generalized weakness and children are treated for respiratory tract infection, sickle cell disease and symptoms of malaria

  • Diabetic Camps : In Bolangir district there are more than 30000 registered cases of diabetic mellitus excluding the cases yet to be identified and registered. To make the people aware of this alarming fact and to promote healthy life style which the most important aspect of diabetes and to offer available clinical services Diabetic camps are conducted with the collaboration of the  Ophthalmology Department and Govt. Hospital & Thyrocare, Bolangir. During the camps, for all the patients, Several tests like Blood sugar, fasting Blood Sugar, Height & weight for Body Mass Index, Foot test and Blood Pressure and treatment as per the World Diabetic Foundation recommendation are conducted. Also, diabetic education, counseling, and prescribed diet-chart are provided as per patients’ need.

  • Volunteers : People who live within the village community interact with the community people as Hospital Volunteers to make them aware about the various health and hygiene issues under the guidance of the hospital. They along with the support of hospital staffs organize weekly Eye Screening Camps for the respective communities in order to identify the patients and refer them to the hospital for medical help.

  • Testimonials : Mr. Deveraj Nag says, “I was blind, but now I can see – God Healed Me.”

Mr. Uttam Nial was a truck driver engaged in driving the heavy vehicle, but in an accident he lost his right leg as well as his job. His family deserted him. Now he is all alone. At times his friend a rickshaw puller helps him and provides for his needs. After the cataract operation from our Supreme Task Hospital he got back his vision. He expresses his gratitude to the Supreme Task for its noble work and the people those who are involved in his eye surgery.

Sudeya Rana was brought to the STGH and was diagnosed with Cataract. She was adviced to undergo surgery but because of her inhibition, superstition and least exposure to modern medical science, she did not agree for an operation. With motivation and persuasion by our hospital staffs she finally agreed to get the proper treatment and was operated on 27.08.11 by our doctor, Dr. Bishnu Prasad Mishra. After the operation, when her bandage was removed the next day she was able to see clearly. She said that, ‘I am now relieved from the anxiety and worry.’ She thanked the hospital and its staff for what they had done for her and went back home happily.

Pradip was a tailor of 53 years age who was the breadwinner to the family of 6 members. At the age of 45 he was diagnose with diabetes and consequently lost his vision and could not do the job of tailoring which increased his mental tension. He was worried and this deteriorated his heath conditions futher and made him emotionally stressful. But by the timely interference and help of our Supreme Task volunteers, Mr. Pradip was brought to Supreme task Netraniketan Hospital and after a thorough check up it was diagnose that he is a cataract patient. So doctor advised him to be on medication and controlled diet for a month.  With proper supervision and care his right eye was operated on 05.01.2010 and there after he was once again able to see and move freely. He praises the God who graciously restored his eye sight and is thankful to the hospital.